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6/04/2018 10:45 am  #1

tournament 6/8

looking for teams 16 for tournament in haledon nj cost is 300 contact Anthony 862 221 5597


8/20/2020 7:24 pm  #2

Re: tournament 6/8

are we able to do non-Warbaron teams team-play in Tourneys now?  Id still like to get a World Cup Tournament of some sort going with team play.

Maybe just add an option to turn off stats and history in a non-ladder game?


8/25/2020 3:06 pm  #3

Re: tournament 6/8

My team would like to have a small team-internal tournament in order to get to know each other better, to train, and to strenghten our team-togetherness.   

Is this possible/allowed? How much work is is to set such a tournament up?


11/30/2020 2:28 am  #4

Re: tournament 6/8

It would be nice if you made some tournaments geared toward the mediocre players like myself. Every time my clan and I play in a tournament, We get matched up against players that are on average 5 to 10 better. Thats no fun at all.


12/11/2020 1:00 pm  #5

Re: tournament 6/8


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1/22/2021 11:39 am  #6

Re: tournament 6/8

On behalf of my team, I used the challenge-mechanism to notify the teams on the ladder with more than 2 active players that the tournament will start in less than 24 hours hope I got that correct. Thanks for setting up the tournament.


5/15/2022 5:14 am  #7

Re: tournament 6/8



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